This is a particularly exciting time for Insight Magazine. We have spent several months exploring the market, identifying the needs of our readers and listening to feedback. We’ve also been putting in place foundations which we can build on, so that Insight Magazine can truly become a vital piece of the complicated jigsaw that makes up an enabling business environment.

At the same time, we’ve been asking what it takes to survive in Sierra Leone’s publishing industry. It’s a tricky question. Sierra Leone’s publishing sector is a young one. It’s not known for being an early adopter of any sort of innovation. We have a largely semi or illiterate population. Print costs are high and print quality is too often on the iffy side. On top of all that, the newspaper and magazine sector globally is in a spin – the effect of digital and economic disruption.

Challenges indeed! But where there are challenges, there are also opportunities. Virgin territory is easier to find in an emerging market, and we’ve staked our claim as the first and only business magazine for Sierra Leone. The digitalisation of the publishing industry means it’s easier and cheaper for us to publish online, and by going with a ccTLD ( we are identifying the magazine as firmly Sierra Leonean. With a new website and an expanded web presence, we can bring you more news, more opinion, more analysis, more reporting and you can give us more feedback.

Insight Magazine is still the flagship of our media platform. It is getting a new look and will be going quarterly. Our vision is to make it more than a magazine. Insight Magazine aims to be the compendium of our business landscape – a prestige publication to read and keep. Each issue will gradually build into a go-to library of material with tools to improve business performance, essential information on doing business in Sierra Leone, and profiles of the projects, organisations and people who define the tenacity and ingenuity of Sierra Leone’s business sector.

All this means more avenues for Sierra Leone’s businesses and entrepreneurs to promote themselves. In print, online, via our mailing list, or on social media – we’ve developed advertising packages to suit all budgets and all marketing objectives. You can find them on our website at

The Doing Business 2017 report, conducted by the International Finance Corporation and the World Bank, ranks Sierra Leone 148 out of 190 economies, down three places on our 2016 rank. This is not something we can afford. In this issue, we cover two initiatives that could make Sierra Leone a better place to do business. One is Sierra Leone’s first Commercial Law Conference, held to formulate practical reform proposals to improve the ease of doing business in the country. Rebecca Perlman of Herbert Smith Freehills reports on its outcomes. The second is the Hilton Hotel. Its presence in Sierra Leone will certainly beef up our image. We take a close look at the attention to detail that goes into the building of Sierra Leone’s first Hilton Hotel.

At Insight, we’ve made your business our business. We’re your partners in building Sierra Leone, so stay with us and let’s make this journey together.

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