Insight magazine has gone ccTLD

There are only two types of domains: country code top-level domains (ccTLDs) and generic top-level domains (gTLDs) and Insight magazine has proudly gone ccTLD.

ccTLDs, are the domain names reserved for use by a country or territory. The first ccTLD operational was .UK, now there are 245 ccTLDs around the world. Every African country has a working ccTLD. The continent’s first - appearing in 1990 were .za and .eg. and since then management has improved but controversially at least four African ccTLDs are still not managed in their home countries.

Sierra Leone’s is .sl and here are four reasons, why it is the future of business domains in Sierra Leone.

• The possibility of having your own desired name on a generic top-level domain is getting lower day-by-day, as the number of people registering domain names increases on a daily basis.

• ccTLDs tend to have better search-engine rankings in specific countries. This is probably the greatest benefit of adopting ccTLD as the domain name for your website. Google has already stated that their search engine perceives ccTLD as a strong sign that your site is targeted to a certain country, thus it will rank higher in Google’s country-based result, or the country’s local search engine.

• By registering a ccTLD one can also go ahead and display one’s commitment towards the country and its market.

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• If being seen as distinctively Sierra Leonean or based in Sierra Leone is important to your brand, then using the .sl ccTLD is probably the way to go.

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