How Sierra Leone's businesses use social media

Perhaps the biggest sign of social media’s maturity is its emergence as a valid workplace tool, where once it was banned – to wit Workplace by Facebook – the social media giant’s new enterprise communication and collaboration network.

The Society for Human Resource Management says: “Not only has social media changed the way we communicate, but these applications present great opportunities for businesses in the areas of public relations, internal and external communications, recruiting, organisational learning and collaboration, and more.”

Organisations can make use of social media in a variety of ways. Departments can hold brainstorming sessions or maintain ongoing conversations with questions and answers on a blog; teams can use WhatsApp to share ideas, update team members, distribute documents, conduct research, apportion tasks and deliver news to each other.

Recent research conducted by Insight magazine reveals that Sierra Leonean companies aren’t sloths when it comes to using social media to advance their business interests.

Find out more on page 27 of Insight Magazine:

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