Questions for our Presidential Candidates Debate

With the aim of helping Sierra Leone’s business community understand more about the candidates’ plans for the Sierra Leonean economy and how they intend to increase economic growth and the number of jobs in the country, we are asking our readers to send in their questions so that we can feed them into the research and preparation process for the Presidential election debate. Here are just some we have received to date:

Patrick Goodluck Jabati How will they make the economy to work for all? What are the practical strategies that will help transform our country's economy in reaching medium income? Without donor funding and proceeds from our natural resources, what other source of funding will they utilize?

Joseph Smith How do you plan to prudently use revenue coming from our extractive sector to improve on agriculture, health, education, access to safe drinking water et al?

Michael Semple What are your plans to reduce the level of poverty within the country and how do you plan to achieve this?

Trudy Morgan, Managing Director, Axis 360 In January 2016, Kerala became the 1st Indian state to achieve 100% primary education through its literacy programme Athulyam. Do you believe that an educated citizenry will improve the economy of Sierra Leone and better the lives of its citizen? If yes, what premium will you put on education and what is your strategy for improving the downward spiralling educational statistics Sierra Leone currently hold? Mustapha Hudroge What should be done to help the emerging local businesses?

Herbert McLeod, IGC The evolution of the economy since 2005 has widened the gap between the rich and the poor, to the extent that according to UNDP and other studies, poverty (multidimensional) is now at 77%. How can this be altered if the same policies are carried out?

Yeabu Kamara What measures will you take to bring inflation to a single (low) digit?

Tamba Lamin What have you done to improve the education system?
Do you have confidence in the current education and healthcare system? 
What hospital or clinic in Sierra Leone do you go to when your children or other member of your family is sick?
Tell me one thing you will do differently to minimise or eliminate corruption?

Sorie Kabba As a progressive leader, transparency and good governance is key; will the presidential candidates set a clear example in the fight against corruption by declaring their wealth before elections together with the cabinet of the ruling party after election, and be willing to be scrutinised for wealth acquired during tenure in office?

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