Are the elections having a positive or negative effect on your business?

Elections tend to create uncertainty about the direction of the economy.

Customers, partners and government agencies enter a wait-and-see mode until after the elections, when it is clear who they will have to do business with and what the implications will be on demand, investment plans and regulation.

Investors take less risk and will delay making decisions until the results are in. All legislative decision making is put on hold. This can make it difficult for businesses that are dependent on certain legislation to make plans.

The uncertainty can cause currency fluctuations, putting pricing pressures on goods and services sourced from overseas. As Sierra Leone imports most of its goods, we’re particularly vulnerable in this respect.

On the other hand it's payday for some sectors of the economy. T-shirts, billboards, PA systems, posters, transport and district hotels and hospitality.

At Insight, we'd like to find out whether our readers are cashing in or cashing out. Please take our 60 second poll and let us know how the elections are affecting your business interests.

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