See you at the Mayor's Pitch Night Special!

Join Yvonne Aki-Sawyerr, the new Mayor of Freetown and the Pitch Night Team, at the up and coming Freetown Pitch Night special, on Wednesday 1st August to hear five Freetown-based companies pitch new and innovative ways of tackling the challenge of waste management in Freetown.

Sirra Recycling Industry Ltd

Sirra Recycling Industry Ltd draw on lessons learnt from a pilot project implemented in collaboration with Port Loko District Council in Port Loko. The project encourages plastic recycling by paying people for plastic gathered.

By smelting the plastic and mixing it with river sand, the plastic and rubber collected are processed to outdoor tiles used in the building industry.

The advantages of the scheme will be to create business opportunities and employment for young people and reduce the plastic in Freetown’s streets, waterways and surroundings.


BEST holistic solutions for Africa are looking for $750,000 to pilot a waste recycling and energy creation scheme for Freetown.

Previous research estimates that 80% of Freetown’s 745 tons/day of garbage can be recycled into products and services such as electricity, water, fertilizer, carbon black and metals.

BEST will encourage and support local businesses to take part in waste collection, recycling and transport. A percentage of all profits will be invested in education, (youth) employment, and business loans. By placing the plants on or nearby existing dumpsites such as Kingtom and Granville Brook, transport burdens will be reduced, and existing sites cleared for future development. Medical and toxic wastes must be treated in separate waste plants.

The Masada Waste Transformers

Masada Waste Transformers propose a hybrid Waste-to-Energy (WTE) model in Freetown that will include two medium sized 2MW digesters as well as 40 highly innovative, small scale (50-100 KW) digesters that will introduce a game changing model to the city.

This hybrid model will ensure that, over a eriod of four years around 300 tons of municipal solid waste will no longer be dumped or go into landfill, but will generate a combined net output of 7MW, which the Government of Sierra Leone will purchase and sell to captive customers. Together these will provide a response to the lack of waste and energy infrastructure in the city.

Franklyn Johnson

The team headed by Franklyn Johnson proposes a dedicated community-based subscription scheme based on the "mutual" principle where every household in a city of nearly 2million pays a minimal charge, using a cadastral payment system for billing and enforcement. A premium service charge will be payable by large volume waste producers such as hotels, banks and restaurants.

Sorting of recyclables will be encouraged at source. Tricycles will be replaced with reconfigured mini-vans capable of carrying large capacity refuse bins. Dirt traps across urban streams and tributaries will be installed to stop plastic and garbage clogging the waterways.

A consortium of Obinna Anthony Browne, Tindae Kamanda, Davephine Tholley and Lompri Koroma

This consortium will be pitching an idea for a weekly door-to-door solid waste management and recycling service, which modifies existing door-to-door waste management practices by using small motorised tricycles to reach Freetown’s difficult-to-access, narrow city streets.

Their scheme is intended to be simple-to-use and provides every user of the service with a waste collection bin. Recyclables will be separated from the general waste for resale to firms using recycled materials in their production processes. The organic portion of the waste will be composted and sold on to farmers and gardeners.

The system is designed to be self sustainable. Users of the service will be expected to purchase waste bins and bags and pay a monthly cost for collection. Materials produced through recycling are also expected to generate revenue.

Pitch Night is a night, which provides budding entrepreneurs in Sierra Leone the opportunity to pitch their ideas or post revenue business. At pitch night entrepreneurs provide a holistic view of their business to a vibrant community of Sierra Leonean entrepreneurs, allowing them to market their businesses, solicit feedback, advice and potential partnerships.

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