Catch up on your reading with Insight's top 5 news posts of last week!

Catch up on what's engaging the business environment in Sierra Leone, with last week's most-read news posts:

Sierra Leonean entrepreneurship support hub - GEN SL - wins place on prestigious pan-African programme

GEN Sierra Leone will join 14 like-minded elite entrepreneur support organisations on the prestigious Village Capital Communities Africa training programme to help develop Africa’s ‘invisible innovators’, after beating over 200 other applicants to win the place.

SL Twitter-sphere steps into the public-sphere.

On September 21, Sierra Leone’s twittersphere will be stepping out into the public sphere thanks to Girl Up’s Yasmine Bilkis Ibrahim and a team of equally enthusiastic SL tweeters. In days to come, Insight Media and Communications will be asking Yasmine why Twitter, and what this initiative aims to achieve?

For those of you who are not on Twitter, there's been over recent years, and this last year in particular, the quiet emergence of a SL Twitter scene that is politically, professionally, socially and economically influential.

How we Built an Android App that Brings Justice

Salton Massally, Co-Founder and CTO at iDT Labs, talks about his team’s journey in making an effective and user friendly Android Case Management System for the low tech and low capacity public sector environment in Sierra Leone

Information, disinformation and misinformation – political campaigns and WhatsApp in Sierra Leone

WhatsApp during our recent elections was been a major campaigning tool, taking the slot that five years ago, was primarily held by the mainstream media. Radio still has a significant role to play, but the immediacy and range of formats supported by WhatsApp have made it probably the most important source of campaign information in these elections, especially in urban areas and among our massive youth population. This piece examines the role and significance of WhatsApp in Sierra Leone's elections.

Fulas: Profiles in courage and perseverance

The Fula are one of the county’s main entrepreneurial groups. Arguably, they are the most successful African business minority in the country. Andrew Keili examines how they got from a situation in which for over decades they were treated as foreigners and interlopers into our economic and political system to a situation today in which they are very much in the driving seat?

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