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Memuna Forna,

Founder and Editor

Memuna Forna is a strategic communications specialist, Huffington Post blogger,  journalist, and publisher with substantial experience in both the private and public sectors within Sierra Leone and internationally. She founded and leads Insight Media and Communications – Sierra Leone’s most authoritative business to business media platform; she was head hunted by the Government of Sierra Leone for the role of Communications Specialist for the President’s Recovery Priorities, the 15-month socio-economic investment collaboration between the Government of Sierra Leone and its development partners, and is responsible for launching and organising Invest Sierra Leone - the only annual forum dedicated to investment in Sierra Leone. 

Mohamed Wurie, Director of Business Development

Habiba Wurie,

Director of Corporate Relations

At Insight, Habiba leads the Corporate Relations team and brings to the team the knowledge and expertise needed for fostering healthy relationships between our partners and our brand. Through her experience producing country business features in investment ready nations such as Barbados,  Zambia and Malawi, she understands that the key to a healthy business climate is continuous dialogue between the private and public sectors in order to harmonise their goals.

Additionally as a qualified international law specialist, particularly on that governing the management of natural resources, she offers a significant edge to companies eager to invest in countries like Sierra Leone that are rife with investment  opportunities in mining and agriculture amongst others.

Click on these links to access a selection of her print and film work: European Times, US Television

Mohamed is a finance and business development professional, with over 10 years’ experience within the financial services and banking sectors. He has international work experience in Sub Saharan Africa, Europe and North America and has focused work within leadership and delivery in the public and private sectors; building relationships, capacity building, research,  policy, credit adjudication, and providing solutions to strategic problems.  His most recent role is as Revenue Generation Lead, within the Office of the President, supporting the delivery of the President’s Recovery Priorities, Private Sector and economic development in the context of the post Ebola recovery in Sierra Leone.

Having worked within the areas of banking and government policy in addition to marketing and sales; he is particularly adept at designing robust strategic and communication plans, building new operating processes in projects aimed at building capacity, and supporting the development of customer-centric products, including identifying financial sector innovations that help address barriers to financial inclusion and ensuring that all key stakeholders are engaged with the objectives of the project.


He has worked on various initiatives aimed at improving the branding countries in SSA including but not limited to Access to Finance, investment climate, and seminars aimed at driving change.

Harold Valentine Mac-Saidu

Manager, Data & Research

Manager, Events & Media